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Good Earth ST for Lawns Packaging
Good Earth ST for Fruits & Veggies Packaging
Good Earth ST for Flowers, Trees & Shrubs Packaging
Green As It Gets TurfMAX Packaging
Green As It Gets Pro-Gro 365 Packaging
Green As It Gets Ground Breaker Soil Penetrant
181 Orbit Smoothie Packaging
Oasis Smoothie Packaging
Royal Canin Cat Food Package
VegiBee Garden Pollinators Packaging


Attractive Design

There are approximately 38,000 products in a grocery store. Your product will be competing with those items like yours.

Even if your product will only be in small store with only one other product like yours, the design of your packaging needs to be well done.

Since packages are 3 dimensional, each panel needs to be carefully planned.

• How will it sit on a shelf or floor?

• Is the information legible and            


• Are the colors, fonts, textures images and

  graphics appropriate for the product's


• Are the main features clearly visible?

• Are the design elements and text organized

   and balanced?

• Does my package need to be in multiple


• How do I get a UPC code?

• How do I make sure my package is meeting

   each state's compliance?

There are many more questions that need to be thought out and planned.

Customer Experience

When customers look at your package, they build a personal relationship with the design. They will decide if they like the look and then look for information about the product.

Depending upon the industry, does your package evoke a sense of health, deliciousness, usefulness, fun, good for pets, good for the family, etc?

The customer will also determine a perceived value based on the product itself and the design of the package. They will then decide if the product is worth trying, repurchasing or if the price is a good deal.

A well designed package can help your product standout among the rest.

Next time you into the grocery store, look at some of the competing items, such as cereal. Who is their message geared too? Does their package stand out among the rest?

Sara Lee Pumpkin Cheesecake Packaging
Private Selection Meaty Bone Packaging
Solu Cat Drinking Strips Packaging
Trader Joe's Bean Label
Mariano's Bean Label
Dickey's Barbecue Pit Bean Label
FBN_Maine_Coon_3_Sided_Label_4 copy.jpg
BAS_Soil_Light_Recipe_Art-BUILDASOIL 16+4x32.jpg
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