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Advantage Firearms, Education and Training Class Flyer
Savvy Architectural Digest Ad
SLBMI Ad Flyer
Olneya Ad Flyer
Carmody MacDonald Ad
Ruby's Rubbish Online Ad
Ursuline Invitation
Kniffen Real Estate Property Ad Flyer
Turkey Shoot Ad Flyer
DRC Information Placemat
Savvy Magazine Double Page Ad

Ads / Flyers

Your marketing needs to be diversified and strategic.

No other time in advertising, has there been so many vehicles to promote a business. The digital world is on fire and is a great way to reach a broad audience or a specific person.

Whether you create a flyer or a print or online ad, it must be well written and the design needs to be an attention grabber.

Let's explore all three avenues.

Some people think print ads, and flyers are passé...well not so fast.


Here are some reasons to consider printed flyers:

• Low cost.

No paying for advertising space and cost per piece is minimal.

• Not much effort.

Handout out flyers local businesses, places of worship, restaurants and cafés, grocery stores, schools etc.

• Tangible.

People still like to hold something in their hands and will most likely scan the information, put it away, leave it on a table or

pin it up on their fridge.

Here are some reasons to consider print ads:

• Bigger impact on viewer.

Viewer looks at print ads longer than online ads. Online ads are quickly deleted.

• Demographics.

Businesses can be selective where and when they want their ad placed. Targeting specific populations, income levels, and geographic areas and create a healthier bottom line.

• Direct Mail.

Offers the greatest acquisition of customers than any other marketing vehicle.

• Trustable.

While many internet ads are safe, there are many scammers and computer hackers trying to get your money or lock up your computer for ransom.

• People not on the internet.

Believe it or not, there are still people not on the internet of all ages.


Here are some reasons to consider online ads:

• Posting ads on websites. They receive heavy traffic is one way to get the word out about your business.

• Social networking sites.

Sites such as Facebook or MySpace have advertising programs with ads tailored to a particular demographic. These ads show up only next to profiles that meet the specifications of your product's target market.

Google AdWords

They offer a service to post online ads.

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