Some new business owners think that they need a website first to "get out there". This is not the case. There is much to do before the website.

First of all, a marketing plan is imperative. Next, start thinking about a logo as it pertains to your industry and audience.


• Naming your business:

There are different ways of naming your business:

• A name that says what the business does:

"Send Out Cards".

• Double names:


• Parts of names brought together: "Intelliformance"

• Symbolic names:

"Snowflake" Marketing-Design

• Personal names:

Mark Knolls Law Firm

How do you decide what kind of name is right for your business? Look at your particular industry trend, who your customers will be, and what image are you trying to convey. A tag line can also help convey the purpose of your company. make sure your name is unique and identifiable.

Your logo is your business recognition. This begins the look of your brand. You may want to create a symbol that conveys what your company does or a unique graphic that is memorable. A simpler design has greater impact and it also needs to be identifiable in small and one color applications.

Your logo is one of the most important investments that you make in your business.

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