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Snowflake Marketing-Design is solution driven...

Ads (Online & Print)


Business Plans


Copywriting / Editing

Corporate Identity



Logo Design

Marketing Plans

Outdoor Signage

Package Design


Point of Sale


PPT Presentations


Promotional Items

Vehicle Graphics


Web Design

Need more? Ask.

Helping to identify your marketing and branding challenges in your business, such as increasing customer retention, acquiring new customers, and referrals, is key to ongoing success.


Have you walked in your customers shoes?

What are they are telling themselves and others about your business?


What are the concerns your potential customers are experiencing as it relates to similar products or services from your competitor? 

What is the kind of experience you would like to have if you were a customer interested in your products or services?

What are some of the emotions you would be experiencing?

These are just some of the questions to consider when building your marketing.

Working together with you, we will create an appropriate plan and design materials that is tailored to meet your business needs and industry trends.

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